Best Social Media Aggregators for 2019

Wondering what is a social media aggregator ? Social aggregators are the tools to collect, curate and display user generated content on websites or event screens.  Social Media Aggregator tools are the best way to leverage user generated content for business marketing and branding. Moreover, using user generated content will also increase brand trust and loyalty among your customers. Our today's blog will be covering few of the best social media aggregators which you must consider before finalizing one of them.  Best Social Media Content Aggregators for 2019 #1 Taggbox Taggbox is one the most robust, creative and trustworthy and best social media aggregator available in the market these days. It comes with a handful of customization and modification options for the users to make there social walls stand out of the box.  Social Wall provided by Taggbox are gaining popularity day by day with the increasing number of businesses using UGC for marke

Grow Your Business Through User Generated Content

Brand building is what every business aspires for these days and User Generated Content delivers you just that. From a Twitter post to a customer review, everything that a user posts online can be treated as a UGC waiting to be used by respective brands. So, what do you mean by UGC first of all? UGC or User Generated Content is any type of content created by unpaid contributors by posting images, videos, reviews, testimonials, tweets, blog posts etc. about your products and brand on social media platforms. People actually post these to maintain their own social media profiles but latently they do the act of promoting your brand.   Having said that, let’s learn how to utilize User Generated Content (UGC) in business marketing to grow your business to exponential heights.   Choose The Best Social Media Platform For Your UGC Campaign It should be based on your target audience and the goals you want to achieve. Don’t just select Instagram because it is easier to post visuals

5 Effective Strategies to Use a Twitter Wall

Twitter Walls have become insanely popular at a lot of events, meetings, conferences, etc. Brands have started using Twitter Wall as a modern way to advertise their products as well as services. It has also increased the number of users and builds a community too. What is a Twitter Wall? A Twitter Wall is known as a tool and platform which fetches user-generated content via a specific hashtag and display it on a big screen. These are also known as Tweet Walls and have become popular at events, festivals, meetings, etc. They are capable to create buzz at your event and increase user’s engagement too. The best part is that they can be displayed anywhere and on any screen type without any hassle. We have found 5 ways to use Twitter Walls in an effective way to build community and increase user's engagement. 1.      Create a unique hashtag The easiest way to promote your brand is by creating a unique as well as simple hashtag which the users can use whil

6 Steps to use Twitter wall to make your next Event Successful

Twitter wall can create a huge buzz and excitement during any event. A Twitter Wall is a platform where you can display live tweets via a specified hashtag or handle. Twitter Wall also known as Tweet Wall.  Many Brands and businesses are deploying Twitter Wall in their events and conference to increase audience engagement. If you are also a brand or a business and searching for some out of the box strategy to make your next event successful then Twitter Wall is here.  Steps to use Tweet Wall at Event: 1. Selection of your Hashtag: To set up a Tweet wall for your event, you need to choose a hashtag to collect your Twitter. You must do a proper research while picking up a Hashtag. Your Hashtag should not be generic like #Nature or #Beautiful. It must include the event or business related key identity in your hashtag. A good Hashtag must be short, precise and Eye-catching. For example #SAevent18 or #EventUSA18. 2. Promotion of your Hashtag:  After selecting even

3 Benefits of Social Feed Aggregator for Business and Brands

The social network aggregator tools have been in use for quite some time now. What are the benefits that make them an ‘essential’ for brands and businesses today? We’ve listed 3 benefits for you- 1. Analysing Trends & Audience Liking The social network aggregators gave a redefined meaning to social media sharing and promotions and offered a whole new platform to brands for experimenting with their posts, social presence and brand image. It’s not necessary to build a social media wall using the social feed aggregator tool. What a brand can instead productively focus on is –analyse their competitors who have adopted social media feed aggregators for their social sharing and engagement and draw meaningful insights from that on what’s trending among the audience and what’s liked/loved by them and what’s not. Social media feed aggregators are a boom and reinvented the social space; it’s on brands now to use it to their best. Draw results on not to design ‘fail strategies’ and

Smart Ways to Tap Follower Energy with Instagram Analytics & Insights

The Instagram API is a controversial subject and gets discussed frequently in articles and blogs. We have come across several forums and blogs where users, brands and individuals have queries pertaining to the Instagram API changes and updates. Users are anxious and troubled with these updates and changes because it concerns their Instagram profiles, its growth and reach to followers. Concerns such as how to get the Instagram API and use it have been doing rounds on the web since long.  We are explaining some easy crux details that will come across as meaningful for brands and individuals seeking help and guide for their Instagram insights today. This is an easy guide to act smart with your Instagram insights- The Power of Instagram Stories Instagram stories are an excellent way to deliver your brand story, behind the scenes and more. Instagram insights here provide detailed breakup for impressions, reach, website clicks, branded hashtags, mentions, exits, and r