3 Benefits of Social Feed Aggregator for Business and Brands

The social network aggregator tools have been in use for quite some time now. What are the benefits that make them an ‘essential’ for brands and businesses today? We’ve listed 3 benefits for you-

1. Analysing Trends & Audience Liking

The social network aggregators gave a redefined meaning to social media sharing and promotions and offered a whole new platform to brands for experimenting with their posts, social presence and brand image.

It’s not necessary to build a social media wall using the social feed aggregator tool. What a brand can instead productively focus on is –analyse their competitors who have adopted social media feed aggregators for their social sharing and engagement and draw meaningful insights from that on what’s trending among the audience and what’s liked/loved by them and what’s not.

Social media feed aggregators are a boom and reinvented the social space; it’s on brands now to use it to their best. Draw results on not to design ‘fail strategies’ and instead work on creative, posts, contests and campaigns that are liked by the audience. See what’s working for the audience and what’s not by monitoring your competitor’s social wall.

2. Make Your Customers Your Social Media Strategists

By making your customer's social media strategists for your social media channels, you’re firstly empowering them as brand advocates which tells them that you’re appreciating their brand loyalty, and secondly, customers as social strategists give you a great amount of rich user-generated content. User-generated content marketing is considered more authentic and original by millennials over cleverly designed marketing ads.

Give power to your customers to create UGC posts for your social feed aggregators and let them advocate for brand product and services.

3. Save Time, Money & Professional Energies

Best Social feed aggregators come with cost-effective plans and pricing. They’re a lucrative method to flip your brand social media presence from boring to trending given the exciting themes, font styles, UI and more. Moreover, social feed aggregators pull posts (UGC) from users from social channels, which saves time and energy of social strategists in devising creative posts and new marketing ads.


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